Stephen Winston (Chair Trustee)


A chartered accountant who has had a home in Suffolk for the last 10 years. A supporter of the Centre for the last five years and has been actively involved in setting up a structure for the charity, which it is hoped will last for many years to come. He chairs a number of private companies in a variety of sectors.

John Aiton


A Chartered Accountant, now retired following a successful career in the construction and property industries.  A Suffolk resident for over twenty years, he served as a Trustee of both forerunner organisations and welcomed the opportunity to be involved in the formation of Bumblebee to ensure the continuation of its vital services.


William Petersen

A local resident with experience of working in a variety of roles, both in business and in the military. Aware of the impact disability can have, especially in the early years, he is extremely grateful to have an opportunity to support The Bumblebee Children’s Charity in any way he can.