What Parents Say

“When our Roxi was diagnosed at 18 months with cerebral palsy we were distraught. It was a very difficult time of disbelief, shattered dreams and loss of hope. I can honestly say that coming to the school has been life changing for us. It taught us to appreciate and enjoy our new life with our little girl and changed our, previously unimaginable future into one filled with laughter, joy and opportunities.” Read Roxi’s full story here.

“Our daughter Lucie joined the school in 2011 at 11 months old. She has cerebral palsy following a stroke at or around birth. We leave after 3.5 years with a child who is happier and more capable and sociable than we might have believed she would become when we first arrived at the school. And we leave as parents stronger and more capable of supporting Lucie. We could not finish without a big thank you to all the staff at the school. Your patience, positive and unflappable attitude to everything that is thrown at you is admirable.” Read Lucie’s full story here.

“Sproughton School is a professional service, aimed at helping Henry in as many ways as possible. To me, it feels supportive, relaxed and personal… to Henry, it’s really good fun! It’s a chance to bond and spend quality, happy time together. Above all, it’s a great comfort to know that you are not alone.” Read Henry’s full story here.cropped-BumblebeeLogo300dpi_small_header.jpg