Policies and Procedures

The following policies have been reviewed as of Jan 2024

1.4 Confidentiality and Client Access to Records

1.0 Privacy Policy

1.1 Children’s Rights and Entitlements

1.2.a Safeguarding children and Child Protection Policy

1.2.b Safeguarding adults policy

Safeguarding procedures for children and adults

1.3 Children in care policy

1.5 Information Sharing and data protection policy

1.6 Maintaining Children’s Safety and Security on Premises

1.7 Making a Complaint

1.9 Supporting children with SEND policy

1.10 Achieving Positive Behaviour

1.11 Administering Medicines policy

1.12 Food and Drink

1.13 First Aid

1.14 Nappy Changing 22.01.24

1.15 No Smoking or Vaping

1.16 Managing Children with Allergies or Who Are Sick or Infectious

1.17 Allergy assessment template

1.18 Manual Handling Need to Touch


2.a Staff recruitment and employment policy

2.b Staff Disciplinary and right to appeal policy

2.c Staff grievance policy

2.d Volunteer policy

2.3 Student Placements

2.4 Lone Worker Policy

2.5 Information Technology Policy

2.8 Reserves policy

2.10 Pension Policy


3.1 Risk Assessment


Health and safety procedures

3.4 Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation

3.6 Recording and reporting of Accidents and Incidents

3.7 Food Hygiene

3.9 Drug policy

3.10 Bad Weather Procedure

3.11 Environmental Policy

4.1 Early Years policy

4.2 Parental Involvement

4.3 Working in Partnership With Other Agencies


5.1 Fundraising Bumblebee

5.2 Fundraising Standards Complaints Procedure Bumblebee

5.3 Complaints Form bumblebee

Our Policies and Procedures are all under review please contact the office to request a policy for the following [email protected]

1.0 Privacy Policy

1.1 Children’s Rights and Entitlements

1.4 Confidentiality and Client Access to Records

1.5 Information Sharing

1.17 Allergy assessment template

2.2 Induction of Staff Volunteers and Managers – Bumblebee

2.5 Information Technology (IT) Policy – Bumblebee

2.6 Children’s Records – bumblebee

2.7 Financial Policy

2.8 Reserves policy

2.9 Photography policy and procedure

2.10 Pension Policy

3.1 Risk Assessment – Bumblebee

3.8 Equipment & Resoucres – Bumblebee